Below are some of the things we were able to accomplish with our fledging legislative advocacy operation, which started in July 2018.

We hope to achieve much, much more in 2019, but we need your financial support, and for you to call your state legislators (email to get involved).

Check out “What California independence looks like” for more information on our plan to make California more independent through policy changes.


Net NeutralitySB 822 enshrines strong net neutrality rules in state law, making FCC decisions largely irrelevant to Californians. Read our letter of support.

Offshore DrillingSB 834 and its companion measure, AB 1775, prevent new offshore drilling in federal waters off California’s coast by making it financially impossible. Read our letter of support.

Grid RegionalizationAB 813 would have attempted to permanently hand control over California’s electrical grid to a multi-state authority with almost zero accountability to state elected officials, but was killed in committee in the last few hours of the legislative session. Read our letter of opposition.


These bills passed the legislature but were vetoed by Governor Brown, who terms out at the end of this year. Hopefully we’ll have better luck in 2019 with the next governor.

Letting all Californians serve in state governmentSB 174 would have allowed any California resident to be appointed to state boards and commissions, rather than restricting it to U.S. citizens. As we explained in our letter of support, federal decisions about who gets to become a citizen are largely beyond Californians’ control. We don’t believe it’s appropriate for the federal government to act as gatekeeper for who serves in our state government; these decisions belong solely in the hands of California elected officials.

Keeping ICE out of courthousesSB 349 would have barred ICE from detaining someone for an expired visa in California courthouses, based on longstanding precedent against civil arrests in courthouses. Read our letter of support.