Here is list of bills we’re keeping an eye on in 2019. If it says SUPPORT or OPPOSE, we’ve taken an official position on the bill.

Despite being a brand-new organization, we managed to score some significant legislative victories in 2018.

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It oughta be legal, no matter what the federal government says.

AB 37SUPPORT — Would treat cannabis business’s expenses the same as other business expenses under California’s income tax law.

SB 51 — Would establish banks and credit unions that cannabis businesses can use.

Early Childhood

Affordable child care and significant family leave are normal in every other wealthy democracy. Let’s keep California moving in the right direction.

AB 24 — Would establish a targeted child tax credit for poor California families.

AB 66 — Would exempt diapers from the sales tax.

AB 123 — Would expand access to preschool and transitional kindergarten.

SB 26 — Would expand the tax credit for working families.


Clean air and clean water is our birthright. California should continue our global leadership in fighting climate change.

AB 40 — Would phase out carbon-emitting vehicles in California by 2040.

SB 1SUPPORT — Would enshrine Obama-era environmental standards in state law.

SB 43 — Would study replacing the sales tax with a carbon tax.

Government Reform

California is the only democracy we’ve got. Let’s make it awesome.

ACA 2 — Would abolish the corrupt and outdated Board of Equalization.

SB 27SUPPORT — Would require presidential primary candidates (including the current U.S. president) to make their tax returns public in order to appear on California’s ballot.

SB 47 — Would require initiative petitions to disclose the major funders of the petition drive.

SCA 2 — Would reform California’s unusual recall election system.

Gun Violence

America’s obsession with guns is not normal, and it’s not okay.

AB 18 — Would levy a tax on firearms to fund violence prevention programs.

AB 61 — Would expand the list of people who can seek a restraining order to keep a person who poses a significant danger of injuring themselves or others from possessing a firearm.

Health Care

Californians deserve a working universal health care system, just like in every other wealthy democracy.

AB 4SB 29SUPPORT — Would make Medi-Cal available to all low-income Californians, regardless of federal immigration status.


Undo segregation created by federal policies, and abolish the ugly Americanism that is single-family-only zoning.

SB 50 — Effectively abolishes single-family-only zoning in many California cities.


Californians are Californians, regardless what the federal government decided about their immigration status.

SB 225SUPPORT — Would allow all Californians to serve on state boards and commissions, regardless of immigration status.

AB 668SUPPORT — Would prevent ICE from making civil arrests (i.e. for overstaying a visa) in California courthouses.

See also: AB 4 (Health Care), above.

Tax Reform

AB 147SUPPORT — Closes the “Amazon loophole” allowing out-of-state retailers to avoid collecting California sales tax.

See also AB 24, AB 66, and SB 26 (Early Childhood) and SB 43 (Environment), above.

Upholding the Will of the Voters

California voters should have the final say on California issues.

AB 7SUPPORT — would implement “California Time” (permanent daylight savings time), as requested by the voters in November 2018. Federal law currently blocks this from becoming a reality, and will need to be changed as well.