Executive Director

Drew Lehman

Drew Lehman is a practicing attorney in Los Angeles.  She has been a leader of the movement supporting greater independence for California since 2017, and is an active volunteer with L.A.-Based Homeboy Industries and groups supporting deported veterans.  She also has an established history volunteering on Voter Protection efforts nationwide and as a certified Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) Advocate in California.



Dave Marin

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, and educated at UC Berkeley, Dave is a homeowner and parent of two.  In addition to chairing Independent California’s Board of Directors, he is Vice Chair of the City and County of San Francisco’s Sweatfree Procurement Group and a board member of his neighborhood association.

Neil Longhurst

Neil Longhurst is a retired business executive from Carlsbad, California, with 25 years in finance management with Ford Motor and 7 years as a founder of a golf-centered real estate development in Montana, where he was Managing Director until 2012.  Since then, he has focused his efforts on volunteer work.  After living in three other countries and three U.S. states, he came to Carlsbad in 2016 and joined the California independence movement in January 2017.

Timothy Vollmer

Timothy Vollmer, Ph.D., is an anthropologist, teacher, writer, and community organizer based in San Francisco and San Jose. Tim’s activism experience stretches back to fighting for LGBT rights during the AIDS epidemic in San Francisco in the 1980s, and has dedicated himself to working towards California’s future since 2016.