For example: Indivisible

Our #1 priority is building a better California.

In the wake of the 2017 election, a number of groups sprang into action to oppose Donald Trump and his agenda. The promise: stop Trump, get him out of office and the Democrats back in, and America will go back to normal.

We question how “normal” America ever was. Trump (and most Congressional Republicans) appear to be pursuing an explicitly anti-California agenda, but they’re also turning what was subtext into text.

For example, the GOP tax bill is an insult to California taxpayers, but we’ve been propping up “taker” states for at least the last 20 years.

Trump’s anti-immigrant policies are cruel and divisive, but the Obama administration was just as active in using ICE to break up California families.

Trump’s claim that millions of Californians voted illegally in the presidential election is ridiculous, but have you heard any state governor say that California voters were wronged by the Electoral College system, or apologize for dragging their feet on fixing it?

And Trump’s embrace of white nationalism is a huge threat to the fabric of California’s diverse society, but has America ever really addressed its white supremacist history or origins?

In the end, it’s not about Trump, or even America; it’s about California. Californians deserve to live in a democracy in the modern sense of the word, and we are firmly committed to building that better California. We know sometimes the federal government will get in our way, and when it does, we do our best to help Californians and California’s government mobilize. But resistance is just a means to an end.

Being against something is exhausting. Building something new is exhilarating. Let’s build a better California together.