For example: The Heritage Foundation

We don’t believe all states are created equal.

California has more people than Canada and a much larger economy. Californians don’t need the “help” of the U.S. government in governing ourselves or paying for government services any more than Canada does.

In contrast, the vast majority of U.S. states are subsidized by the federal government, have less diverse economies, and are tightly integrated with neighboring states’ economies and infrastructure.

We believe the best move for America would be to allow large states like California keep our tax dollars in-state and largely govern ourselves, while continuing to run programs and socialize risk for smaller states. If small states think they’re ready for full self-governance too, fine—just don’t expect Californians to subsidize you.

We also believe any serious conversation about the size of the federal government has to start with military spending. The Founding Founders never intended the United States to become a global military empire, so why does the price tag of that empire get a pass?