We are Pro-Democracy and Pro-California


Californians deserve to live in a democracy in the modern sense of the word.

Even when the American republic works, it doesn’t work for Californians. Californians are historically under-represented in the U.S. Senate (by a factor of six). In the House of Representatives, the federal system’s only equally representative institution, Californians’ voice has been drowned out by gerrymandering and intentional voter disenfranchisement.

Democracy wasn’t invented in Philadelphia in the 18th century; it’s a living experiment that is practiced and constantly improved upon all over the world. Californians deserve to be in the mainstream of democracy, not on the fringes.

We stand for:

  • Reforming California’s quasi-American system of government, using other modern, successful democracies as a model.
  • Demanding that the United States reform itself in accordance with the principle of one person, one vote. And until it does, minimizing the federal government’s influence over Californians’ lives.
  • Diplomacy before destruction, peaceful coexistence before unwanted interference. Reasonable levels of military spending that will not bankrupt us.
  • Fighting, in California, for the same kind of policies nearly every other wealthy democracy has, including universal health care, affordable higher education, a fair bail system, and paid family leave. Californians deserve nice things too.

Drawing from the great tradition of American civil rights movements, Independent California is utterly committed to pursuing these goals peacefully and in accordance with the rule of law. We believe that in demanding full democratic rights for Californians, we are on the right side of history, and are confident that others will eventually come to that conclusion too.


California is unique, and should be allowed to reach its full potential

California has come a long way since the United States took it over in 1846:

  • From a land overrun by violent, intolerant miners, to one of the most fiercely and successfully pluralistic societies on earth.
  • From a distant outpost, to a global hub of movies, music, and technology, with the world’s finest public university system.
  • Transforming the dry Central Valley into a finely engineered agricultural powerhouse.
  • Moving from an ecological disaster area to a global leader in the fight against climate change.
  • Growing from a sparsely populated territory of less than 300,000 people, to a mid-sized nation-state of 40 million.

We believe California is just getting started. And we can’t wait to see what California can do for Californians, and for the world, if we’re allowed to reach our full potential.

Being part of the United States means being held back. From health care, to the environment, to deciding how to spend our own tax dollars, Californians can’t get anything done without asking the permission of a “national” government that was designed for, essentially, a treaty organization with a smaller population than California’s Inland Empire.

We believe California’s fate should be in the hands of the people who live here, not a dysfunctional government 3,000 miles away. California should continue to move forward, and the United States can get on board or get left behind.

We also believe California should be recognized for what it is: pretty much a country already, caught in an awkward situation.

We will fight for:

  • California to prevail in policy disputes with the federal government.
  • A fair share of federal spending, and, ultimately, control over our own tax dollars.
  • For the vast majority of California federal lands to be transferred to the stewardship of state and local governments.
  • Dignity, liberty, and justice for all Californians, regardless of race, gender identity, religion, national origin, or federal immigration status.
  • Celebrating Californian identity, and cultivating pride and self-respect among Californians.